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Traveling beyond your comfort zone as a vegan can be a somewhat scary, and a less than healthy retreat. Are you going to be destined to eating fast food french fries, baked potatoes, and salads on your trip? That is often the case, but with some careful planning you can arrange your schedule to arrive at vegan friendly destinations. I have found the Happy Cow Restaurant Guide to be an incredibly good listing of vegetarian / vegan restaurants world-wide.

HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide

Here is a video review I made of one of my very favorite vegetarian restaurants, called the “Garden Grill” in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

If you enjoy cooking your own vegan / vegetarian meals, you would love staying at Extended Stay Hotels as their rooms have their own kitchens. They also have pet friendly rooms, so you can bring your furry companion animals along with you on your trip. :)

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Extended Stay Hotels

Or perhaps you prefer to take your RV and (or) go camping?

Find what you need for your camping trip at “Camping World”

Camping World

Let Kayak find you the best travel deals. They find you the best deals on flights, cars, hotels and more, all for free! :)


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You will save either way. :)

Happy Family
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Veg*n Bed and Breakfasts and Restaurants and Retreats

YES, There are many Vegan / Vegetarian Bed and Breakfasts located across this great world that we live. Perhaps you have a favorite that you would like me to list here? Do you own a Veg*n B&B or Restaurant? I would be happy to affiliate or exchange links with your business.

Contact me at

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Cottages in The Yorkshire Dales