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“People get offended by animal rights campaigns. It's ludicrous.

It's not as bad as mass animal death in a factory.

Richard Gere

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First, I am going to tell you about a non profit organization called “Tribe of Heart.” Filmmakers Jenny Stein and James LaVeck have made 2 outstanding multiple award winning films called the “Peaceable Kingdom” and “The Witness.”  These are probably the most influential, compassionate, animal rights oriented documentaries ever made. They are terribly inspiring, and eye opening. I recommend that you go to their website at, and buy a couple of copies of each (one for yourself and one for your family or friends).  They are currently reworking and adding to the Peaceable Kingdom film, and it will be out soon.

Come back to carrotloves .com after you visit their site, as I have a couple of  incredible independent film clubs to tell you about!

Many of the most visionary films made each year are never released by mainstream Hollywood distributers.  Now you can join a great video club, where you will receive 4 entertaining and inspiring spiritual films each month. I am telling you about a really cool club, as you actually get to keep these wonderful films. As a member of this club, you will be supporting visionary filmmakers and the  creation of more soul-fulfilling  films! You get your first full month free, and can cancel at anytime and still keep your  dvds. So what have you got to loose?

 Click the banner below and check these films out!

Spiritual Cinema Circle (Gaiam)

I’m so excited to tell you about another really cool film club called Earth Cinema Circle. This club is very similar to the above mentioned club, as they are also films that usually don’t make it into the mainstream, but are some of the finest films made by some very fine filmmakers. These films are more earth and environmentally oriented.  They concentrate on wildlife, wild lands, environmental choices, eco travels, and more. You get 4 films bi-monthly, and you get to keep your dvds, all at a very affordable price! Click the banner below to check out this fabulous film club.

On the carrotloves YouTube Channel

you will find my own video creations that focus on animal/vegan/ and art themes.


You will also find my “favorites” - vegan/animal/green/art videos.


I hope you will especially check out

 “A Sacred Duty”

which is a very informative hour long documentary about how Jewish values directly apply to the compassionate vegan lifestyle.


There you will also find a video of a lecture By Dr. Will Tuttle, the author of a great vegan book called

“The World Peace Diet” which you can buy on my VARE Books Page.


I also recommend RISE AGAINST’s powerful vegan punk rock video “READY TO FALL”


Many more of my own original videos will be added, as well as many more vegan themed favorites. Keep checking them out!


You can find many more vegan themed videos  listed on the carrotloves  Resources page.

Earth Cinema Circle
Earth Cinema Circle

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Isn't it great that so many enlightened young people today are becoming vegan? Would you like to find the support of more mature like minded vegan individuals interested in animal rights and environmental protection? Did you became a vegetarian, or even a vegan for compassionate reasons before the current bunch of wonderful young activists were even born?


 OR... You may be newly enlightened and veg*n, and would like the support of people closer to your own age. The carrotloves Membership Site is especially for the single middle aged vegan or vegetarian. Join in to help overcome your frustrated, lonely feelings. Find a positive place filled with self empowerment e-books and sympathetic mature veg*n friends. Express yourself and your vision openly or privately and help make some positive change in this world.

Watch my PowerPoint presentation “Do You Love Animals?” (   click)

(I will soon be turning that presentation into a video)

For me, I feel that the breeding of peaceful vegetarian sentient beings for human consumption is just plain wrong.  I feel this is especially true in this era of American society, since the environmental and health ramifications are huge, and there are plenty of other options available to us. I also feel that most people do not think about what, or who, they are eating, or of the lives of the billions of animals that are killed. Hopefully you will be touched by this emotional presentation. For facts and figures, please visit the Vegan and Humanitarian Links (Resources/Organizations) page.

                                                    More Vegetarian Statistics


Many non-vegetarians question whether being a vegetarian actually makes any difference at all. If you are a prospective vegetarian for ethical reasons, but aren't sure whether or not a vegetarian lifestyle is genuinely a more moral choice, here are some statistics from EarthSave to help you make your choice.


* Over 1.3 billion human beings could be fed each year from the grain and soybeans that are fed to livestock in the United States alone. This signifies that the entire population of the United States could be fed without losing any nutritional value) and there would still be enough food remaining to feed one billion people!


In this world where millions of people die each year of starvation, that type of food excess and inefficiency

should be considered unethical.


* 27 Billion animals are killed for food in the USA every year. That is 2 billion killed every month... 740,000 killed everyday ... 863 killed every second... These animals are sentient beings with hearts, brains, and feelings, similar to human selves and our companion animals.


* Livestock in the US produces roughly 30 times more excrement than human beings. While humans in the US have complex sewage systems to collect and treat human waste, there are no such systems on feedlots. As a result, most there are no such systems on feedlots. As a result, most of this waste leeches into  ground water supplies.


Livestock waste also significantly pollutes the air, and is the top contributor to global warming.


This means that large-scale, massive production and slaughter of animals is not only unethical, but it also

causes serious environmental degradation.


* It takes 7.5 pounds of protein feed to create 1 pound of consumable hog protein; and it takes 5 pounds of protein feed to create 1 pound of consumable chicken protein. Close to 90% of protein from wheat and beans is lost to feed cycling.


This means that an enormous amount of resources are dedicated to producing wheat and soy just for the purpose of feeding it to animals, which will be slaughtered as "a source of protein"--even though they only leave about 1/5 of the amount they consume.


Not only can the production of meat be considered an injustice against animals, but it can also be considered an injustice against human beings, as well as the environment  worldwide.


                                                                                                                                            ( from Mr. Turniphead)

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